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Why offsite backup is important


Over the years I have been asked about offsite backup. What is it? Why is it important? Why would I spend the money when I have a perfectly good external hard drive I store my pictures on? Is it safe?

This is a great question and the answer is pretty straightforward.

First, good offsite backup programs are secure - all your data is encrypted *before it is sent to the "cloud". That means that it is encapsulated in a secure container that only you have access to. Not even the backup vendor can get to it.

Second, good offsite backup programs protect against ransomware attacks. This is still a limited occurrence problem, but still most folks have heard of situations where an entire business is shutdown because one computer contracted a virus and that contained "ransomware" or a program and bad actor who lock down all the company computer files euntil they are given a ransom. Because offsite backups are offsite they are disconnected from and thus effectively immune to ransomware attacks.

Third, good offsite backup programs protect against disaster. Like building burned down disasters. Like building was broken into and all gear including the backup hard drive next to your computer taken. Like You deleted a file off your desktop and then your local backup drive failed or because you only copy files to it manually once a month it didn't get captured.

Most of the time offsite backup is like an insurance policy - it costs money for something you are not immediately realizing a benefit from. But like a good insurance policy, when a covered event happens you are covered - which is to say you can get your data back.

Ask us how we can help you get set up with offsite backup - it's easy and it runs itself - nothing you need to do! 805 636-2103

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